Joining the Atlas of Transitions project (EU)


Together with a team from the Department of Cultural Sciences at the University of Gothenburg I am joining the Atlas of Transitions - New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe.

Atlas is a European cooperation project that promotes cross-cultural dialogue by bringing local communities closer together through culture and performing arts. The project looks at the potentialities arising from the contemporary migration phenomenon and seeks new ways of experiencing public space and the cohabitation of European citizens and newcomers through art

-with the aim of countering radicalism and anxiety towards migration within society,

-by developing strategies of co-creation and interaction between citizens and migrants,

-with the participation of people with diverse cultural backgrounds in shared public spaces.

My task will be to explore participatory approaches to dance actions, archives and archiving in a migration and dance theatre context engaging Backa teater and Twisted Feet. In particular I will contribute theoretical insights and analysis of the collaborative process and will report on these in the blog.

More about Atlas:

More about Backa teater:

More about Twisted Feet:

Picture: From my private archive, a choreography of transition taking place in a Swedish not very urban summer landscape. The performers are Norwegian, Japanese and Swedish.

PS. The VINNOVA report for DADD has been handed in, and I will get back on this when news arrive! DS.